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Why do I need a Subscription to the eDairy Website?

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  • Your Single Source for Dairy Market News & Analysis - We provide unbiased information and data on our website and offer the most links to external websites than any other source
  • Timely & Accurate Information - We publish CME spot & futures market data as soon settlements are released, and government reports are available on our website the minute they are distributed
  • One-Click Access to prices, quotes, reports, university dairy pages and hundreds of links related to the industry
  • Economic Analysis - Many dairy-related USDA reports are forecasted & nalysed by eDairy economist Bill Brooks
  • Education on Price Risk Management - Use our website to become more familiar with the tools of hedging your milk price

What do I get with my eDairy Website Subscription?

eDairy Morning Executive Edition - Daily email opening call on the dairy & grain markets is emailed to you by 9:00 a.m. Central Time; the first of its kind in the dairy industry!

eDairy Closing Bell - Daily email recapping the trading day highlights of the dairy markets - sent to your Inbox every afternoon the market trades.

Full access to the Subscriber section of the website that includes:

  • Monthly price forecasts on dairy products by dairy economist Bill Brooks
  • Weekly written commentary and analysis on current dairy market events
  • Listen to the CME cash cheese and butter markets as they trade (Slightly delayed - using Windows Media Player)
  • Commentary and economic analysis on government reports that impact the dairy industry
  • Daily audio broadcast highlighting the current events of the marketplace
  • Exclusive columnists providing industry insight from around the country and across the globe
  • Lee Mielke's Dairyline weekly news column published every Friday by 1PM CT
  • In-depth weekly technical analysis on the dairy, grain & energy markets
  • Online Trading

How Much is an eDairy Website Subscription?

$1200 Annually. Please contact us for more information

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