Actimel 0% Raspberry Drinking Yoghurts

Actimel 0% Raspberry Drinking Yoghurts
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Brand: Actimel
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With vit D & B6 for immune supportGive every day your best shot!We believe that when your immune system is supported, you are ready to take on your day. That’s why every shot of Actimel is packed with 1/3 of the daily reference intake in vitamin D, as well as vitamin B6. Add in some fermented milk full of 10 billion exclusive L. casei cultures and top it off with refreshing raspberries. All that in a delicious shot with 0% added sugar* and 0% fat that helps you take on whatever the day throws at you, every day.Contains Naturally Occurring Sugarswith vitamins D and B6 to support the normal function of the immune systemPast My Date?Look, Smell, TasteDon’t WasteDanone Advanced ResearchOver 20 years of dairy research to create great productsDanoneA company of the Danone GroupCultured shot with exclusive l. casei cultures, 0% fat, Rich in Vitamin D, Contains 1/3 of the Daily Reference Intake in Vitamin D, 3 Strains of live cultures, Over 8h fermentation, Vitamins D & B6, Gluten free, No preservatives or colours, No artificial flavours, Suitable for vegetariansEnjoy as part of a healthy diet and balanced lifestyle.