Alpro More Fruit No Added Sugars Mango Yoghurt Alternative

Alpro More Fruit No Added Sugars Mango Yoghurt Alternative
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Mucho mango! So luscious and sweet, it would be a crime to add sugar. So we don’t. We pile it into our More Fruit No Added Sugars Mango Yoghurt Alternative to give you as much fruity taste as we can squeeze in. All the sugars in there come naturally from the fruit we pick - we don’t add a single grain. And no sweeteners either. It’s mango turned up to the max! If you like the idea of plant based, then this is for you. Like all our soya alternatives to yoghurt - or yogurt if you prefer to drop the ‘h’ - it’s made using the same cultures as dairy yoghurts except that ours are 100% dairy free. Perfect if you’re vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian or just want to add a little extra plant-based fruitiness to your everyday. Added bonus, soya just happens to be handily packed full of high-quality plant protein.Good for you*, good for the planet. We’re proud to have been a certified B Corp company since 2018. Making us part of a global movement that believes businesses can be a force for good in society, and should do things in a caring, sustainable way that has a positive impact on people and planet. Like being picky about where our soya beans are picked. Trees are for hugging! So we make sure all our soya is rainforest (and GMO) free. Most is grown right here in Europe (in France, Belgium and The Netherlands), the rest comes from Canada, shipped by sea for a lighter carbon footprint. And good inside, good outside! By 2025, all of our packs will be, not just recyclable, but made from 100% already recycled or plant-based materials. Bye bye, polystyrene. Hello, more recycled, recyclable PET and sustainably grown sugarcane cartons!* Source of protein. Protein, as part of balanced diet and lifestyle, contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass.100% plant-based, Naturally free from lactose, Gluten free, Perfect for vegans, No added sugars or sweeteners, Naturally low in fat, Naturally low in saturated fat, Source of high quality protein, A source of calcium, Source of Vitamins B2, B12 and DAlpro were born plant-based, way back in 1980, and we’ve been banging that big, plant-based drum ever since. Our mission is the same now as it was then. To make delicious food that’s healthy for you and healthy for the planet. And we go the extra mile to do it. Using less water and energy. Sourcing ingredients grown in a way that puts goodness back into the earth. And developing more and more sustainable, plant-based packaging.