Alpro Soya Chocolate Chilled Drink

Alpro Soya Chocolate Chilled Drink
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Brand: Alpro
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Protein contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass.Farmed Responsibly, we leave the rainforest Lush and Lovely.From bean… grown, picked, soaked, blended and enjoyed!…to glassMainly Grown in Europe, our soya beans are GMO Free and 100% Delicious.Go. Right. Ahead. Our guarantee to you is a Rich Chocolatey Taste at its prime. Carefully crafted, our Freshly Chilled chocolate flavour soya drink is naturally Low in Saturated Fat.And because it’s entirely plant-based, you’re doing yourself and the planet a favour!It’s a fridge favourite to Pour with Purpose!Good for you*, good for the planet. We’re proud to have been a certified B Corp company since 2018. Making us part of a global movement that believes businesses can be a force for good in society, and should do things in a caring, sustainable way that has a positive impact on people and planet. Like being picky about where our soya beans are picked. Trees are for hugging! So here at Alpro. we make sure all our soya is rainforest (and GMO) free. Most is grown right here in Europe (in France, Belgium and The Netherlands), the rest comes from Canada, shipped by sea for a lighter carbon footprint. And isn’t it lovely to know that you can love chocolate AND the planet, all in the same mouthful? We’re Rainforest Alliance and UTZ certified, so you can sip and spoon away knowing that the cocoa in your chocolate has all been sustainably grown and harvested, down to the very last bean. Good inside, good outside! By 2025, all of our packs will be, not just recyclable, but made from 100% already recycled or plant-based materials. Bye bye, polystyrene. Hello, more recycled, recyclable PET and sustainably grown sugarcane cartons! * Source of protein. Protein, as part of balanced diet and lifestyle, contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass.Rainforest-Free Soya!, Delicious Plant-Based & Velvety, Good for You, Source of calcium, plant protein and vitamins B2, D, Naturally lactose free, Naturally low in saturated fat, Free from dairy and gluten, Free from colours, Suitable for vegansA varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle is recommended for good health.Soya products fit in a varied and balanced diet. For more info see website.Rainforest-Free SoyaGood for You - Good for the PlanetProTerra CertifiedSustainability Non-GMO SoyaIt’s what’s inside that counts, but we’re also Proud of Our Packaging. Even the cap is plant-based!Facts About Our Pack…Why Not Glass?Well, glass guzzles lots of Energy to produce, transport, reuse and recycle.We use Sustainably Grown materials like sugar cane to lower our CO2 footprint.So our clever carton hits the spot and keeps all the goodness in too!Now that’s Fresh Thinking.Make a difference at