Alpro This Is Not Milk Whole Oat Drink

Alpro This Is Not Milk Whole Oat Drink
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Brand: Alpro
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We nailed it! This is not milk. It’s got all the rich & creamy taste you love, amazingly 100% plant-based and made from… oats! Shhh, just don’t tell those bedazzled taste buds. We call it ‘whole’ because with 3.5% fat, it delivers deliciously full-on creamy taste. Pour it into your coffee, bake it, splash it on cereal or simply sip from a glass. Good for you*!* Source of calcium. Calcium is needed for the maintenance of normal bones.It’s got the Rich, Creammmy Taste you love, amazingly made from…Oats! Shhh… Your taste buds will be totally dazzled by this Plant-Based treat.3.5% Fat, Oat, Low in sugars, Source of calcium, vitamin D & iodine, Foamable in coffee, Naturally lactose free, Naturally low in saturated fat, Free from dairy, Suitable for vegansA varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle is recommended for good health.Join the Plant-Based Movement.Amazing you! You are eating your way to help build a sustainable planet. Our oats are Home-Grown in European countries.European Oats - Good for you, Good for the planet too.This pack is… Made from 96% Plant-Based Materials and we’re working towards 100%Make difference at