Ambrosia Deluxe West Country Cream Custard Can

Ambrosia Deluxe West Country Cream Custard Can
Categories: Dairy, Cream
Brand: Ambrosia
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Ambrosia Deluxe is our thickest, most luxurious velvety custard. Made using fresh cream and blended with the finest ingredients for a truly indulgent custard for the perfect dessert. Made using 100% natural flavours and free from preservatives and artificial colours, Ambrosia is perfect for the whole family to enjoy. Ambrosia Deluxe is so delicious, you won’t be able to resist just diving straight in and enjoying the heavenly taste, hot or cold! From our home to yours… “A day in Devon is a day well lived, and a passion for our home is poured into everything we do. From the first beads of morning dew glistening on the lush grass, the chattering streams running between the rolling hillsides, and the misty sunsets over the quiet farms, it’s Ambrosia’s home. At our Devon creamery, we let nature do the talking. It’s what makes Ambrosia special. We put all our love into creating delicious puddings to satisfy your whole family”.Our Most Luxurious Recipe, Deliciously smooth & velvety, West country cream, Made with fresh cream, Blended with our finest ingredients, 100% natural flavours, No artificial colours or preservatives, Suitable for Vegetarians