Aptamil Banana & Berry Multigrain Cereal, 7 mths+

Aptamil Banana & Berry Multigrain Cereal, 7 mths+
Categories: Dairy, Cream
Brand: Aptamil
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Our Unique Blend of IngredientsWith our blend of galacto- and fructo-oligosaccharides.To support normal cognitive development.Vitamin D for normal development of bones.Our Unique range of cereals is developed to introduce delicious tastes and varied textures as your baby progressesAptamil Creamed Banana Porridge 4-6+ monthsAptamil Multigrain & Apple Cereal 7+ monthsAptamil Multigrain & Fruit Muesli 10+ monthsNutriciaBringing Science to Early LifeOur unique blend, Just add water, Exploring textures, Delicious wholegrains, No added sugar or salt - contains naturally occurring sugars and salt only, No preservativesIf you want to find out more about our recipes, please go to www.aptaclub.co.uk