Arganic Cosmetic Argan Oil

Arganic Cosmetic Argan Oil
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Brand: Arganic
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“It’s rare to find a company whose ethos and focus on provenance is so transparent. You do not need fancy serums when you have age-old ingredients provided for you. I have interviewed many, many entrepreneurs in the past, and it is rare to find someone who lives their brand as much as Dana does. Seriously impressive stuff.” Amy Grier - Executive Editor at Cosmopolitan. Argan oil is one of the rarest and most ancient ingredients in the world. It’s been used for centuries by the indigenous Berber people of the South West of Morocco and comes from the UNESCO protected argania spinosa tree.It’s valued for its unique composition making it exceptionally nutrient rich and in particular very high in Vitamin E. This makes it a powerful antioxidant, meaning it provides vitality.Externally it is known to be cell rebuilding making it anti-ageing and effective on skin, hair & nails. It really works!Our oil is single origin and not mixed from various farm. We work exclusively and directly with our partner farm in Morocco, and are the only argan oil company in the UK to name our source on the bottle.We hand pick our fruit and don’t involve animals in production in order to implement the highest ethical and hygienic standards. Because of our meticulous production methods, our oil does not have the strong unpleasant smell often associated with argan oil.Our argan seeds are cold pressed immediately after extraction in order to prevent oxidation and to retain their beneficial properties.Arganic cosmetic argan oil is Soil Association organic certified.ConsistencySilky-smooth application, naturally non-greasy and easily absorbed.Purity100% pure and vegan. Unlike others, we hand pick our fruit and don’t involve animals in production, in order to implement the highest ethical and hygienic standards. We never store or deliver our oil in plastic as this contaminates the oil, using dark, protective glass bottles to prevent oxidisation and preserve the quality of our oil.TestimonialsThis is such a multi-purpose product; the uses are many and for all the family. Here are some testimonials from a few of our loyal customers to prove it:Sensitive Skin:“I have really sensitive skin that tends to both dryness and outbreaks, and this is the best thing I’ve ever found. It sinks in really quickly and isn’t greasy.“Skin Tone: " I’ve been using it for a little over two weeks and my skin is more even toned and my pores have gone down DRAMATICALLY.““I’ve been using Arganic cosmetic oil for the last 3 years and I am complimented all the time as to the glow and youthful look of my skin. My skin never looked better at the age of 50!“Recovery: “After recently finishing chemotherapy and radiotherapy I wanted to use something organic and this oil has really made a difference to the condition of my hair and skin. Much better than anything else I’ve tried.“Skin conditions:“Argan oil is really helping my skin, I’ve noticed patches I’ve had become less red and not flakey, which is such an amazing improvement for myself who has tried so many different products and prescriptions but this is actually one product that is actually showing an effect on my skin which has boosted my confidence a bit more as it really does make you self-conscious having Psoriasis especially how bad mine had become recently.“Babies:“Trying to find a product to keep my baby moisturised that isn’t loaded with ‘petroleum’ has been really tough. After being introduced to this oil I now put a few drops in the bath with my child to keep her moisturised without any nasties - would recommend to any mother.“Pregnancy:“It’s 100% improved my skin texture, it looks plumper and it looks like I’ve had a facial every morning.“Eyelashes/ Eyebrows:“It really seems to make a massive difference to my skin (complexion particularly) and also eyebrows and lashes seem to be healthier.“Hair:“This oil has so many uses. I use it on myTraceabilityWe are the only argan oil brand in the UK who names their source on the bottle. Rather than mixing from various farms, we cut out the middle-men and work exclusively and directly with our partner farm in Morocco. We are even able to trace each bottle back to the exact, UNESCO protected tree that it came from.CommunityWe work directly with over 600 Berber woman, many of whom didn’t go to school but whose traditional expertise in hand-producing argan oil is unrivalled They are paid fairly and directly and have comfortable working conditions in a social environment, giving them a chance at independence. We also provide a free creche and classroom for their children to be safe and in education whilst their mothers work.Vegetarian / Vegan