Arla Skyr Natural Yoghurt

Arla Skyr Natural Yoghurt
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Brand: Arla
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For hundreds of years, Icelanders have enjoyed skyr (pronounced ‘skee-er’) yogurt as part of their daily diet. Carefully strained to create a delicious, thick texture, it’s fat free, reduced in sugar*, and high in protein. Now, you can enjoy Icelandic style yoghurt too.*30% less sugar than other flavoured yogurts based on a market average.For hundreds of years Icelanders have enjoyed the nutritious benefits of skyr (pronounced ‘skee-er’) as part of their daily diet. Now you can enjoy Icelandic style yogurt from Arla - a farmer owned cooperative.Farmer owned = 100% fairly ownedFor more information visit Foods are a cooperative of dairy farmers. Our farmers don’t just milk the cows, they own the business too. When you buy any Arla product, you know you are helping support our farmers and their families. Arla Foods dates back to the 1880s, when dairy farmers in Denmark and Sweden joined forces with one common goal: to produce and provide the best dairy products, creating new opportunities for business growth. Today we have farmer owners is seven countries across Europe, including over 2,500 in the UK. As a farmer-owned company, we are committed to high standards of animal welfare, product quality and food safety. We have our own quality programme, Arlagården®. In the UK, Arla and Red Tractor have worked closely together during the development of Arlagården and Arla is fully supportive of the existing Red Tractor scheme. Look out for our Farmer-owned marque. This marque identifies all products sourced from the Arla dairy cooperative, produced with care in every step - from Cow to You. To find out more, go to on the day with Arla Skyr Icelandic style Natural Yoghurt, Deliciously thick with 0% fat, Arla Foods is a farmer owned dairy cooperative providing care in every step from cow to you, High protein with no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners, Suitable for vegetariansVoted Product of the Year - Consumer Survey of Product Innovation 2016 **Winner Yogurt Category. Survey of 11,586 people by TNS