Artisan Grains 4 Grain Couscous

Artisan Grains 4 Grain Couscous
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Brand: Artisan+Grains
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4 Grain Couscous (Wholewheat Spelt, Maize & Kamut Grains) allows you to enjoy the maximum benefit of multi-grains with this fusion of 4 different Wheat and Maize grains. Artisan Grains 4 Grain Couscous is precooked so only needs soaking and is ready to use! It’s great eaten hot, but can equally be chilled to make quick, tasty and satisfying salads.At Artisan Grains we believe that natural foods form the basis of healthy living. We exist to introduce more consumers to healthy eating grains, seeds and pulses and to demystify, educate and encourage use.