Bahlsen Lieselotte Collection Biscuit Assortment

Bahlsen Lieselotte Collection Biscuit Assortment
Categories: DairyCream
Brand: Bahlsen
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Ohne GleichenHazelnut praline cream squished between two crisp wafers, topped with a square of milk chocolatePerpetumDark or milk chocolate poured over delicate crisp wafersChoco LeibnizA crisp biscuit, squarely set into a dark or milk chocolate tabletWaffelettenDelicate wafer-thin rolls coated in dark or milk chocolateThe Tet sign shows hieroglyphs of a rising sun and a snake. Hermann Bahlsen discovered it in Egypt. The thought is ‘everlasting’. that was his goal. To build something that endures. Four generations later, it is still our goal.Named after the pioneering woman who ensured the quality of our products never waivered, With Love, Dedication and Wheat Flour from Trusted Farmers, Without Addition of Colourings and Preservatives, A Proud Family Business since 1889The future is made by all of us.See our cocoa sourcing work here: