Banana Scoops Raspberry Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Banana Scoops Raspberry Dairy-Free Ice Cream
Categories: Dairy, Cream
Brand: Banana+Scoops
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NEW: Banana-based ice cream made from bananas instead of dairy, using natural and plant-based ingredients.Discover the ultimate scrumptious yet healthy ice cream experience. The perfect blend of Banana Scoops’ signature nice cream made from bananas, with sweet and juicy raspberries for a refreshing treat. All at only 185 calories per half tub. The only NICE CREAM brand in the UK!* Made from bananas* 100% dairy-free* Sweetened with dates* Only 186 calories per half tub* No nasties* Made in the UKHow is Banana Scoops `healthy¿?Made from bananas, Banana Scoops ice cream uses fruit instead of dairy and we never add any chemicals, artificial ingredients or refined sugars. We blend creamy bananas with ingredients full of flavour to create an ice cream experience you¿ve never tasted before. Instead of using sugar, we add a couple of dates into each tub to ensure you get that rich indulgence you expect from traditional ice cream, without the added calories or fat.About Banana ScoopsWe¿re a small, British brand that likes doing things differently. We think you should be able to enjoy ice cream all year long without having to compromise on taste or the quality of ingredients. We choose natural and plant-based ingredients and never add any nasties. With low calories and made mostly from fruit, it¿s so healthy you could even have it for breakfast!We use recyclable packaging and we¿re committed to reducing our carbon footprint.Thank you for choosing Banana Scoops, it really does mean a lot. For recipes, offers and giveaways, connect with us on instagram: