Belazu Gazziello Mosto

Belazu Gazziello Mosto
Categories: Dairy, Yoghurts
Brand: Belazu
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Gaziello Mosto Naturale is a delicate, unfiltered Taggiasca extra virgin olive oil, made by Marco Gaziello at his family’s oil mill in Liguria. An elegant oil with a slightly fruity flavour and a smooth finish lends itself perfectly to dressing salads and carpaccio.Belazu has been bringing you the best ingredients that are sourced from across the Mediterranean and Middle East since 1991. Started by two best friends Adam and George and a bucket of Provencal olives the aim has always remained the same, to bring the best cooks and ingredients together. Whether it is in store, online or in a restaurant the ingredient will always remain king.For more information about Belazu Ingredient Company visit or ask us a question on social media @belazu_co