Bernardini White Truffle Butter

Bernardini White Truffle Butter
Categories: Dairy, Cream
Brand: Bernardini
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Bernardini White Truffle Butter - made using the finest butter, Parmigiano Reggiano PDE cheese and sliced white truffle, this is delicate, balanced and quite simple extraordinary. Bernardini White Truffle Butter - ready to use. Add chicken stock or grated cheese to your liking. Can also be added to sauces for an extra special touch. Bernardini Tartufi - founded on the truffle hunting skills acquired by his grandfather, Maurizio turned hunting into entrepreneurship when he launched Bernardini Tartufi in the 1990s in the tiny village he grew up in - Acqualagna, located in the Marche region of Italy, and known as the capital of truffles. The region’s soil and favourable climate has cemented its place as the location not just for the production of precious white truffle, but for all varieties of truffle today. A family business, run with passion for its homegrown products, care for its surroundings and pride in its heritage and inspiration, Bernardini Tartufi’s attention to detail in producing the highest quality truffle products is unparalleled and this, along with its creativity and innovation in giving the traditional ‘homemade’ truffle a modern twist for today’s food savvy consumers, ensures its position as one of Italy’s leading gourmet food producers. Why JGF loves Bernardini Tartufi and its products…such a refined and varied product from such a tiny village. We’re in awe of the fact that this little area produces such delicacies from its soil, climate and sheer hard work and determination of its inhabitants. A traditional age-old past-time of truffle hunting that has pivoted not only into a wonderful family business but a living legacy for Acqualagna. Truly delectable! Why we think you’ll love Bernardini Tartufi and its products…these products are more than just a shaving of truffle to enhance or change the flavour of a recipe. Bernardini Tartufi produces the highest quality, uniquely flavoursome truffle products - including sauces, oils, creams, butters and more - to elevate a huge variety of dishes. Indulgent yet necessary for any contemporary kitchen where quality products shape everyday dining and flavour.