Black Magic Small Carton

Black Magic Small Carton
Categories: Dairy, Cream
Brand: Black+Magic
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A classic selection of caramels, wholenuts and fruit creams, wrapped in dark chocolate. Choose from nine different tantalising centres: NEW* Coffee Crescent, NEW Pure Black Magic, NEW Midnight Truffle, Almond Crunch, Raspberry Heaven, Dreamy Fudge, Hazelnut Swirl, Orange Sensation and Caramel Heart. NEW Coffee Crescent - A sweet coffee centre wrapped in rich dark chocolateNEW Pure Black Magic - An elegant piece of pure dark chocolateNEW Midnight Truffle - A silky smooth truffle, rich with cocoaAlmond Crunch - Finely chopped almonds immersed in a truffle filling and wrapped in rich dark chocolateRaspberry Heaven - A fruity burst of raspberry encased in delicious dark chocolateDreamy Fudge - Soft, creamy fudge enveloped in a dark chocolate coatingHazelnut Swirl - A whole roasted hazelnut set in a heavenly praline, surrounded by a dark chocolate shellOrange Sensation - Soft, tangy orange fondant draped in dark chocolateCaramel Heart - Flowing golden caramel held in a dark chocolate shell.The perfect gift for dark chocolate lovers.*NEW dark chocolate recipeHave you tried Black Magic Box 174g? A delicious assortment of dark chocolates in a variety of caramels, nuts and fruit creams.Good Food, Good Life®Nestlé®Discover the Secret of the Black Magic Box, Contains 36 dark chocolates in a variety of caramels, nuts and fruit creams, Contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservativesBlack Magic is part of the Nestle Cocoa Plan, which works with UTZ to ensure a better future for cocoa farmers and even better chocolate for you. Find out more at