BOL Sweet Potato & Cauli-Daal Power Soup

BOL Sweet Potato & Cauli-Daal Power Soup
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Brimming with flavour and plant powered goodness, this turmeric infused daal inspired recipe features a hearty mix of beluga lentils, roasted sweet potato, cauliflower and rich coconut cream. Providing you with 2 of your 5 a day, plus lots of healthy fibre, this fresh soup and hearty soup is rich in vitamin C - which supports the normal function of the immune system.Chilli rating - mild - 1 - 100% Plant Powered - 2 of your 5-a-day - 15g high in protein - 162 kcal per serving - Eat plants love life - Dairy & Gluten Free - Vegetarian Society Approved - Vegan - B Corp Certified1. HIGH IN PROTEIN & FIBRE - Great for building and maintaining healthy muscles and tissue fibre_x000B_2. QUICK & EASY - an indulgent and delicious meal ready in minutes_x000B_3. VEGAN FRIENDLY - Suitable for those following a vegetarian or vegan diet or trying to minimise their meat intake_x000B_4. 4 OF YOUR 5-A-DAY - Almost half of your recommended daily intake of fruit and veg in one delicious meal_x000B_5. 100% recyclable packagingLike most people I grew up being told to eat more veg. It turns out my Mum was right. Plant based foods not only taste amazing but are better for our wellbeing and kinder to the planet.Our mission is simple: we want to make it easy for everyone to enjoy eating more plants. No preaching, no judgement, just plants made delicious.Chilli rating - mild - 1, 100% Plant Powered, 162 kcal per serving, Eat plants love life, Dairy & Gluten Free, Vegetarian Society Approved - VeganEat as part of a balanced diet & healthy lifestyle.