Bonne Maman Cherry Compote

Bonne Maman Cherry Compote
Categories: Dairy, Cream
Brand: Bonne+Maman
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A staple in most French kitchens, Bonne Maman Compotes are an easy way to enjoy a delicious burst of natural summer fruit flavour all year round. Bursting with whole cherries, compotes are extremely versatile in the kitchen. Tasting wonderful just on their own, compotes also work extremely well in many types of baking, offer a perfect topping for yoghurts and ice cream as a light dessert and are gorgeous swirled through granola, muesli or topping porridge oats at breakfast time. Take a look at our Recipes page for baking and breakfast inspiration alike.Cherry Compote is 85% ripe fruit, lightly simmered in a natural sugar syrup. Please note, unlike jams and marmalades, compotes are not ‘conserved’, so the jar should be refrigerated once opened and consumed within five days.Bonne Maman Compotes have a green and white gingham lid and are found in store on the breakfast aisle beside jams and marmalades and / or on the baking aisle.Free from Artificial Colours and Flavours, Gluten and GMO’s, Suitable for VegetariansBONNE MAMAN CHERRY Compote is whole fruit, cooked simply and gently in a light syrup in the traditional French style. From France.