Booja Booja Vegan Honeycomb Caramel Ice Cream

Booja Booja Vegan Honeycomb Caramel Ice Cream
Categories: Dairy, Cream
Brand: Booja+Booja
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Booja-Booja amazingly delicious dairy free ice creams have won 42 awards since 2005.6 Simple IngredientsIce cream made below 45°C.Water - From reverse osmosis.Agave Syrup† - From the agave cactus.Cashew Nuts - The creamy secret.Honeycomb - Caramelly excitements. Includes cane sugar.Coconut Syrup - From caramelised coconut flower nectar.Vanilla - Bourbon Vanilla.†Foods containing fructose, such as agave, lead to lower blood glucose rise than those with sucrose or glucose.Enjoy this benefit of our ice cream as part of a varied, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.“No pot of Klik or tub of Klak, or merely superficial snack. Just nature blended and joy extended.“Mister Booja-BoojaHave you tried our seven other flavours of dairy free ice cream and award-winning chocolate truffles?Organic, 6 ingredients… magic, Made with nuts, Caramel ice cream bescrunched with honeycomb caramel excitements, Dairy, gluten & soya free, Suitable for vegans, Kosher - KLBD