Boursin Velvety Garlic & Herb Whipped French Cheese Dip

Boursin Velvety Garlic & Herb Whipped French Cheese Dip
Categories: Dairy, Cream
Brand: Boursin
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For the Boursin® Garlic and Herbs Original converts, discover Boursin® Velvety and enjoy the unique taste of Boursin® Garlic and Herbs in a deliciously soft, velvety, smooth and lightly mouss-ey texture.The Original Boursin® Garlic and Herbs cheese is an authentic French cheese created over 50 years ago and traditionally served at celebrations and gatherings. Boursin® Velvety, a recent addition to the Boursin® family, is a modern take on classic Boursin: an unctuous and creamy whipped dip or spread, made with garlic, fragrant parsley, chives and seasoning, served in a user-friendly tub.Boursin® Velvety is indulgent and moreish, making it irresistible for those little treat moments. But if you’re looking to impress, Boursin® Velvety is sure to add a little flair to any occasion, from casual dipping straight out of the pot, to a more sophisticated display, with canapés, crudités and grissini. This versatile cheese is sure to add flavour to picnics, BBQs and better all manner of gatherings with friends and family. Due to its unique taste and texture, Boursin® Velvety can enrich multiple recipes and elevate dishes in minutes.Be as bold as Boursin®!Fresh whipped soft cheese infused with garlic, parsley, chives and seasoning, Versatile: perfect for dipping, spreading, snacking, brunching, lunching and cooking, Authentic French cheese: made in Pays de la Loire, Made with pasteurised cow’s milk and cream, No artificial flavours or colours, Suitable for pregnant women and vegetarians