Buckwud Intense Dark Maple Syrup

Buckwud Intense Dark Maple Syrup
Categories: Dairy, Cream
Brand: Buckwud
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100% Pure & Organic Canadian Maple SyrupLong, long ago, the first people of Canada discovered that when the maple tree bark was pierced, a naturally delicious liquid trickled out - the later in the season, the richer the flavour. “Tastes gud!” they cried and call it Sinzibuckwud, meaning drawn from the woods. Buckwud still tastes as amazingly “gud” today!Rich caramel deliciousness.Buckwud Organic maple syrup is the perfect brunch partner to bring natural and tasty sweetness to your dishes. Scrumptious on pancakes, waffles and ice-cream, and in coffee.Organic, 100% Pure, Plant-Based “Gud"ness, Rich Caramel Deliciousness, 100% pure, drawn from organic maple trees!