Cape Herb & Spice Louisiana Cajun Rub

Cape Herb & Spice Louisiana Cajun Rub
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Brand: Cape+Herb+%26+Spice
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Savour this Southern-style blend of spices, perfectly suited to all cuts of meat and seafood.Apply liberally with oil 20 minutes prior to cooking, and again during the cooking process for depth of flavour.Excellent on roasted potato wedges or stirred through cream cheese for the ultimate chip or bread dipper.Or why not try kneading into bread dough before baking, or create sumptuous sandwich fillings with seasoned meat and veg.Cape Herb and Spice is based in South Africa, capturing a vibrant blend of cultures and flavours with their seasoning solutions - from the tip of Africa to the tip of the tongueSpice Rub, Louisiana Cajun Seasoning, Suited for all cuts of meat or seafood, Great for potatoes and dips, Chilli rating - mild, Use throughout cooking or add at the table, Made with natural ingredients, No artificial preservatives, colours or flavours, No added MSG, Suitable for vegetarians