Capsicana Tasty Taco Seasoning Mix

Capsicana Tasty Taco Seasoning Mix
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Our Tasty Taco Seasoning Mix is based on a traditional Mexican recipe called Cochinita Pibil and contains orange oil to give it a delicious fruity flavour. Tacos are an authentic Mexican dish, consisting of a small hand sized tortilla topped with filling. They are delicious, versatile and fun way to eat-try them with chicken, beef, pork, seafood, vegetables or cheese.Serves 4 in 15 mins, Chilli rating - medium mild - 2, Made with Jalapenos & Mexican Oregano, Perfect with chicken, beef or vegetables, Ideal for marinades, barbecues, oven baking or fajitas, Gluten free, Non GM, No artificial colourings or flavourings, Suitable for Vegetarians & VegansI love my seasoning mixes. Please send me your thoughts & ideas: Thanks!BenFor more recipe ideas visit