Carr's Crispbreads Mixed Seed

Carr's Crispbreads Mixed Seed
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Oven-baked with care in every bite, our Crispbreads with mixed seeds are perfect for topping, dipping in soups or sprinkling on salads. An easy way to add a delicious crunch to your lunch.We’ve been baking pioneers since 1831. That’s almost 200 years of crafting with carefully selected ingredients, to create the perfect balance of texture and flavour.Our crispbreads are oven baked with a subtle flavour, providing a perfect platform for topping or a satisfying crunch when dipping.Why not try with harissa chicken and mascarpone cheese, drizzled with red pesto and pine nuts? Ora simple pairing of brie and tomato.Jonathan D. CarrCrunchy Toppable Crackers, Baked with a Subtle Flavour, Source of fibre, No artificial colours or flavours, Suitable for