Cecily's Mint Choc Chip Plant-Based Vegan Ice Cream

Cecily's Mint Choc Chip Plant-Based Vegan Ice Cream
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I’m so excited for you to try this - our famous Mint Choc Chip ice cream. After many trials and experiments at my kitchen table back in the early days, the end result is just wow! It has to be my all-time favourite in the range.From Cornwall, with love CecilyCreamy Plant-Based Ice CreamCecily’s ice cream is made in the heart of Cornwall using organic coconut cream and unrefined coconut sugar. We add just a few other natural ingredients to create our different flavours. The result is the creamiest and probably the best non-dairy Ice cream you’ll ever taste.Organic, With Cornish Soul, Made with Coconut Cream, Natural ingredients, Vegan friendlyMaking more plant-based swaps is the biggest way we can all reduce global greenhouse emissions. So not only are you about to enjoy the creamiest plant-based ice cream ever, you’re also doing some good for our planet too.