Chavroux La Buche Pure Goat's Cheese

Chavroux La Buche Pure Goat's Cheese
Categories: Dairy, Milk
Brand: Chavroux
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Chavroux brings the perfect goat’s cheese for every occasion, with a soft finish, paired with a refreshingly mild and light flavour. With none of the typical sharpness of goat’s cheese, Chavroux is a pleasurable addition to your menu.Chavroux is the ideal partner for all your culinary creations. It works just as well on a cheeseboard, on a slice of warm, crispy toast as it does when cooked with.Years of know-how and expertise makes Chavroux the leading brand of goat’s cheese in the UK, with a smooth and creamy texture loved by the whole family.100% goat’s cheese, Made from pasteurised goats’ milk, Smooth and creamy texture, Mild and light flavour, Cheese strength: 3, Suitable for vegetariansFind out all our delicious Chavroux recipes at