Chef Parmalat UHT Cooking Cream

Chef Parmalat UHT Cooking Cream
Categories: Dairy, Cream
Brand: Chef+Parmalat
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This ready to use UHT cooking cream is perfect for adding richness to pasta dishes or, in addition, its soft and creamy consistency is ideal for flavoring your meat or fish, creating a simple and tasty cooking base or an accompanying sauce with a fabulous taste. It doesn’t need refrigeration until opened, making it a convenient and delicious alternative to fresh cream.A favourite staple in Italian kitchens since the 1960s and a top-selling brand around the world, Parmalat is a multinational Italian dairy and food group. Headquartered in Parma, northern Italy, it specialises in milk and dairy-based products as well as fruit drinks.Parmalat is a member of Ciao Gusto - a unique family of leading Italian food and drink companies. Bringing you the finest authentic flavours from the brands Italians truly love.