Chef Parmalat UHT Porcini Mushroom Cooking Cream

Chef Parmalat UHT Porcini Mushroom Cooking Cream
Categories: Dairy, Cream
Brand: Chef+Parmalat
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This ready to use UHT cooking cream with delicious Porcini Mushrooms is perfect for adding richness to pasta dishes and as a base for sauces.Porcini Mushroom Cream Chef has the intense flavor of porcini mushrooms linked to the delicacy of cream: something unique in the kitchen. It doesn’t need refrigeration until opened, making it a delicious alternative to fresh cream.A favourite staple in Italian kitchens since the 1960s and a top-selling brand around the world, Parmalat is a multinational Italian dairy and food group. Headquartered in Parma, northern Italy, it specialises in milk and dairy-based products as well as fruit drinks.Parmalat is a member of Ciao Gusto - a unique family of leading Italian food and drink companies. Bringing you the finest authentic flavours from the brands Italians truly love.