CHIKA'S Lightly Salted Rice Crisps

CHIKA'S Lightly Salted Rice Crisps
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A World of Goodness in Every BiteOur snacks have a whole lot of goodness and an almighty taste. With natural ingredients and an African vibe, you’ll feel our rhythm in every bite.Sharing HappinessStanding by our side is our soul sister Chikita who dances to the beat of her own drum. She’s bright, she’s brave and she’s big-hearted. That’s why we support World Vision, to help educate the girls of today to become the strong women of tomorrow.Full of GoodnessOur ingredients are happy in their own skin. So we use every bit of the rice grains and lentils.No preservatives.No nasties.All the goodness.Less Saturated Fat**As compared to other vegetable crispsWe love our crisps so much that we pack them in a cushion of air to keep them whole.Try some of the other flavours in the range…Chika’s Wholegrain Rice Crisps Sour Cream & ChiveChika’s Wholegrain Rice Crisps Sweet Chilli SambaChika’s Wholegrain Rice Crisps Salt & Vinegar.. and help us empower even more girls through education with World Vision.Baked, 93 Calories per 22g Serving, 83% Whole rice and lentils, Plant protein, Gluten free, Source of fibre, Suitable for vegans1p a bag goes towards empowering girlsWorld VisionIyanu goodness good ingredients, a good ethos and backing good causesIyanu is a West African word for Amazing … we think you are Iyanu for supporting our cause.