Colourworks Brights Melamine Bowls, 15cm

Colourworks Brights Melamine Bowls, 15cm
Categories: Dairy, Cream
Brand: Colourworks
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With their durable finishes, the Colourworks set of four melamine bowls is suitable for a host of uses - breakfast cereal, fruit salad, ice cream, sweets and snacks etc. You can enjoy hot and cold foods from them too - whether it’s a warm serving of soup or generous scoop of cool ice cream.Each bowl is finished with one of the four key tones from the Colourworks palette. So, you can easily complement the green, pink, blue and purple bowls in this set with any one of kitchen craft tools, cutlery and accessories in exactly the same shades. There’s no need to worry about them losing their colour either.- Dishwasher safe- Not suitable for microwave or oven use- 12 month guarantee