Daylesford Organic Whole Milk Unhomogenised

Daylesford Organic Whole Milk Unhomogenised
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Pure Organic GoodnessMade the traditional wayNaturally nutritiousGood source of protein Our organic milk is deliciously rich in flavour, no other farming system produces milk as high in nutrients. Grazing on flower-rich grass pastures and nutritious forage rooted in fully-certified organic soil, the herd of healthy, happy cows produce traditional-style milk for healthier, happier families. We milk our cows twice a day, right next to the lush green meadows they call home, then pasteurise and pour the milk right on our farm. We don’t homogenise our milk, to preserve its goodness. This means the cream rises to the top so you might want to shake it before enjoying - you really are getting the cream of organic milks.Caring for our cows, caring for our environmentThe award-winning jug you’re holding is made from 40% chalk - a natural material requiring no chemical extraction. It uses less than a third of the plastic and a quarter of the manufacturing energy of a conventional HDPE milk bottle, whilst also generating 72% less production waste and 93% less water pollution.Tell us what you think of this milk, ask us about organic farming or show us a picture if you tried one of our recipes from daylesford.comFacebook, Twitter, Instagram: @daylesfordfarm