Doritos Dippers Hint of Paprika

Doritos Dippers Hint of Paprika
Categories: Dairy, Cream
Brand: Doritos
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  • New Doritos Dippers are built to dip!- These new thicker and crunchier** tortillas are just perfect for dips and nachos - Perfect for scooping up melted cheese, loading with chunky tomato salsa and topping with fresh guacamole-But not only that! Doritos dippers are perfectly seasoned with a hint of your favourite flavours that deliciously complement your dips and nachos without overpowering them! - Make your play & dip this mighty chip any way you likeAvailable in 4 delicious flavours:A Hint of SaltA Hint of Smoked PaprikaA Hint of Sour Cream & OnionA Hint of Jalapeno**vs Previous Doritos Dippers50 More for Sharing†† Compared to standard 180g range in UK and standard 150g in ROISuitable for vegetarians