Double Dutch Ginger Beer

Double Dutch Ginger Beer
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Brand: Double+Dutch
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Ginger is a natural ingredient in many mixers, but no other ginger beer offers the spiciness and depth of flavour that Double Dutch provides.Three different gingers combine to offer a complete taste experience: the first is spicy with a peppery base, the second has a peppery, citrus note and the third is a sweet, earthy flavour with a light zesty finish. Finally, we use a lime note that offers a fresh and juicy flourish to the mix.Aroma: spicy with a citrus finish.Born in the Netherlands, we have a natural affinity with superlative drinks - after all, we come from the birthplace of gin. Double Dutch is the result of our desire to unite great spirits with complementary mixers that liven up every drink.That’s why we’ve created revolutionary taste sensations to intensify enjoyment of spirits, or simply be delicious on their own. Double Dutch is much more than double the flavour, it’s a whole new world of soft drinks, from our hearts to your glasses, the Double Dutch twins.Joyce & Raissa de HaasThe perfect twin for your spirit, Pair with premium spirits or just to savour on its own, Contains sugar beet and natural flavourings, 100% natural ingredients, No artificial sugars, flavourings or preservativesFor further serving ideas, visit