Dove Argan Oil Shower Mousse

Dove Argan Oil Shower Mousse
Categories: Dairy, Cream
Brand: Dove
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Introducing Dove’s shower and shave mousse range with essential oils. Choose to transform your shower experience with our new Dove Argan Oil Shower and Shave Mousse. The pampering, expanding argan oil mousse wraps your body in a creamy lather infused with natural oil leaving you feeling clean and fresh should you chose to shave during your indulgent shower experience. Our nourishing mousse prevents dryness by instantly restoring skin’s natural moisture barrier, leaving your delicate skin so nourished and soft that it glows. When using our Dove Shower and Shave Mousse, shake well before each use. Use only as directed. Do not spray near eyes. If you get some shower mousse in your eyes, simply rinse thoroughly with clean water. At Dove, we believe beauty should be a source of confidence, and not anxiety. That’s why we are here to help women everywhere develop a positive relationship with the way they look, helping them raise their self-esteem and realise their full potential. Whatever you’re looking for, Dove products provide you with the care you need, tips and advice ranging from hair care, to skin care, to underarm care. Every Dove product is designed with superior care, to make you feel beautiful.Dove Argan Oil Shower and Shave Mousse infused with essential oils offers 24hr softness and an indulgent and nourishing shower like never before, Dove’s argan oil scented shower mousse gently cleanses and cares for your sensitive skin, leaving it feeling clean and soft, This nourishing shower foam provides instant nourishment to your delicate skin offering 24hr softness, Our shower mousse is infused with natural oils and a creamy argan oil cream to leave your skin smelling fresh, The sulfate-free formulation of Dove mousse contains 100% gentle cleansers, preventing dryness by instantly restoring your skin’s natural moisture barrier, The creamy lather of this Dove body wash is also suitable for shaving, should you chose to shave during your relaxing shower experience