Dove Derma Spa Goodness3 Body Cream

Dove Derma Spa Goodness3 Body Cream
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Brand: Dove
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If you’re prone to dry skin, it just means it needs a little extra care to keep it healthy and beautifully soft. Why not turn that extra care into an oasis of indulgence and lavish yourself with some premium skin care from Dove DermaSpa Goodness 3 Body Cream? Our blend of omega oil and Cell-Moisturisers works at the heart of your skin cells* to give you luminous, even-looking and silky-soft skin - a triple treat for dry skin. Dove DermaSpa Goodness 3 Body Cream combines the luxury of a home spa experience with our extensive expertise in dermatological care, helping to give you glowing skin that is smooth and even-looking. Its delicious fragrance of creamy vanilla, succulent coconut and musk will satisfy all your senses. This deeply* hydrating moisturiser is quickly absorbed and is suitable for sensitive skin. For best results, use in the morning or evening, preferably after a bath or shower. Warm your hands and then massage generously from the ankles to the waist, then from wrists to shoulders, and all over the upper body. Once it’s massaged in, just breathe in deep and let Dove DermaSpa Goodness 3 Body Cream take care of the rest.Within the stratum corneumDove DermaSpa Goodness 3 Body Cream transforms dry skin in three beautiful ways, for even-looking, luminous skin that feels velvety-soft, This luxurious body cream contains a blend of omega oil for an indulgent spa-like formula, Containing Cell-Moisturisers made from natural seed oils, this moisturiser will make your skin silky-soft, Dove body moisturiser combines our extensive dermatological expertise with the luxury of a home spa experience, This fast-absorbing, deeply hydrating moisturiser is suitable for sensitive skin, The body cream’s fragrance offers a rich, sensuous mix of creamy vanilla, musk and succulent coconut