Dove Supreme Silk Caring Hand Wash

Dove Supreme Silk Caring Hand Wash
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Brand: Dove
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We’re all washing our hands a little more than usual in these times. So, if you get dry hands from all the washing, Dove Supreme Fine Silk Hand Wash is the one for you. A moisturising formula that effectively cleanses while protecting your hands from dryness.Make every time you wash your hands an opportunity to look after your skin with this caring hand wash from Dove. Dove Fine Silk Caring Hand Wash was designed to give you just that, adding an extra touch of indulgence to the cleansing formula with the elegant fragrance of blue orchid.How to use: To clean hands, just dispense a pump of this liquid hand wash into your hands and work into a rich lather before rinsing away to leave you with soft, smooth hands.Our new formula is now 99% biodegradable, so not only does it care for your hands, it cares for the environment too.Goes well with:Dove Silk Glow Body Wash, Dove Beauty Cream Bar, Dove Indulging Cream Caring BathElegant blue orchid scent adds a touch of indulgence, A liquid soap and dove handwash with a kind to skin formula, 1/4 moisturising cream helps care for your skin during cleansing, A moisturising liquid soap and liquid handwash that leaves you with soft, smooth hands, Caring formula is suitable for everyday use on hands, Discover our new formula which is now 99% biodegradableDove beauty cream wash, Dove beauty, Luxury hand wash, Dove hand wash, Hand wash, Dove supreme fine silk, Moisturising cream, Soft skin, Smooth skin, Rich lather