E45 Emollient Shower Cream

E45 Emollient Shower Cream
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Brand: E45
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  • Gentle and effectively cleanses very dry, sensitive and itchy skin - The E45 Shower Cream gets to work to make skin feel nice and clean.- Dermatologically tested and soap & perfume free - The formula in E45 Shower cream does not contain any soap or perfume.- Actively moistureises & prevents further drying - With its emollient ingredients actively moisturises skin to keep it hydrated whilst you shower.- Preserves the skin pH - Our body’s optimal skin pH can be between 4.7 and 5.75 with water’s pH at approximately 7. With its moisturising ingredients, the E45 Shower cream works to preserve the skin pH.- Suitable to use on hands & body - The E45 Shower Cream is suitable for everyday use on very dry skin either on body or hands.- How to use - Apply to wet skin on hands or body. Massage gently then rinse off with water. Take care not to slip. Gently pat the skin dry with a towel. E45 knows how to support skin. For 60 years, E45 has been a skincare expert in dry and itchy skin and treatment for eczema, psoriasis, ichthyosis and other dry skin conditions. It has proven dermatological expertise that’s dedicated to vulnerable dry skin. Cream, lotion, wash, bath, shampoo, etc… E45 has it covered. E45 Emollient Shower Cream provides gentle, effective cleansing for very dry, sensitive and itchy skin. Our formula, free from soap and detergents, actively moisturises, leaving dry, itchy skin feeling clean, while protecting against further drying and also preserving skin pH.Features: Dermatologically tested, Gentle Cleansing for very dry, sensitive, and itchy skin, Soap and perfume free, Actively moisturises, Leaves dry itchy skin feeling clean, Protects against further drying, Preserves Skin pH and Clinically Proven. How to Recycle: Please dispose of the product safely and check local recycling. Bottle: Both bottle and lid can be recycled. Check local recycling guidelines.RB-M-41825Creamy E45 Shower Cream is designed to help protect your skin from further drying, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.You may be using the best moisturiser for dry skin, but if you don’t include the right gentle cleanser you might make your skin problems worse.Dry skin treatment relies on a good skin care routine, so use E45 Emollient Shower Cream as an important part of your skin maintenance to improve your skin’s health.E45 Emollient Shower Cream is free from soaps and detergents.UK/E45-OTC/0418/0009Straightforward skincare, Cleans skin gently, moisturises & protects against further drying, Dermatologically Tested, Soap, Colour & Perfume Free, Clinically proven, Preserves skin pH