EarHub Sleepwell Soft Silicone Earplugs 6 Pair

EarHub Sleepwell Soft Silicone Earplugs 6 Pair
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Brand: EarHub
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Earhub Sleepwell soft silicone earplugs are designed to reduce harmful or irritating noise for a better nights sleep. Re-mould for a perfect comfortable fit that can be used up to three times. These washable reusable earplugs can also be used to protect your ears from water during swimming or water sports.Our mission at EarHub (www.ear-hub.com), is to help educate people on the importance of ear protection and help improve wellbeing as the go-to brand for ear health. We have developed a range of superior quality ear protection that protect the ears and promote a good night’s sleep. Earplugs can help attenuate noise if worn at all times during the exposure to loud volumes. Damage occurs at noise over 80dB, but you’d be surprised where those sound levels might be reached. Power tool and even hair dryers can reach volumes above the safe volume.Water & sound ear protection, With carry case, BPA free, Mouldable, Reusable, WashableHow to use Silicone Earplugs:1. With clean, dry hands warm the silicone earplug in your hands and mould to the shape of your ear, taking care to avoid the earplug being torn.2. Place the earplug over the ear, pressing gently to cover the opening. The ear should be clean and dry and hair kept well away from the earplug.3. The earplug should cover the ear opening only and not be pushed into the ear canal as it can be difficult to remove should this happen.How to Clean:Always make sure your EarHub earplugs are clean by using warm, soapy water, then rinse and leave to sit and dry naturally.If the instructions given on pack are not followed or this product is not used correctly, the protection offered could be severely impaired and result in permanent hearing damage.- Use the whole earplug. Do not break or cut the earplug into smaller pieces- Earplugs should be checked before use for dirt or damage and stored safely in the plastic carry case between uses.- The earplugs may be adversely affected by certain chemical substances, including hand creams and lotions.- EarHub silicone earplugs are designed to sit in the ear covering only. Do not push the earplug into the ear canal. If any part of the earplug separates during use into the ear canal, don’t attempt to retrieve it as this could push the piece further in. Seek medical assistance for advice.- Do not use for scuba diving or swimming at depths of more than 3 metres (10 feet)Always be sure that these earplugs are- Suitable for application- Fitted properly on the ears as per the detailed instructions- Worn at all times during exposure to noise