Eaten Alive Scotch Bonnet Fermented Hot Sauce

Eaten Alive Scotch Bonnet Fermented Hot Sauce
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Brand: Eaten+Alive
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Scotch bonnets and sweet peppers with a touch of garlic, slowly fermented to develop intense, fruity flavours. Simply blended with raw cider vinegar and a little raw cane sugar. Our original sauce, it is still number one at Eaten Alive HQ; full of complex fermented flavour with just enough fiery scotch bonnet for a proper kick, without causing a meltdown. Try with all your favorite savoury foods, it goes with practically everything, from eggs and oysters to soups and stews. We splash it all over sandwiches, fajitas, rice beans and sausages; stir into mayo and whizz into marinades.Eaten Alive is the product of two chefs combined obsession for raw fermented foods, their big flavours and great benefits. We never heat or cook our products so they are still bursting with the beneficial bacteria that helped create them. Our commitment to craft process and 100% natural ingredients makes our sauce the ultimate condiments. Always: Vegan, Raw and Bursting with Flavour.