Ecover Non-Scratch Cream Cleaner

Ecover Non-Scratch Cream Cleaner
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Brand: Ecover
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Keep surfaces looking as good as new with our effective cream cleaner. Its soft abrasive action leaves surfaces sparkling clean and scratch-free.Thanks to the gentle abrasives & powerful cleaners that our clever scientists developed from nature, your taps and tops will stay bright and shining with no scratches.Get nature on your sideAt Ecover, we have been pioneering green science for over 30 years to get nature on our side and bring you effective cleaning products which use sustainable plant-based and mineral ingredients to leave your home clean and fresh.We choose renewable plant-based and mineral ingredients which are effective, reduce pollution and lessen the burden on our planet’s resources.Plant-based & mineral ingredients, Powerful non-scratch formula, Cleans surfaces without scratching, UNEP award, Cruelty-free internationalHere at Ecover we craft products which are both powerful and developed in a truly sustainable way, so much so that once used they are reabsorbed into nature. Our approach has been validated by Vinçotte Environment too - that’s our Ecover Guarantee.For more info visit: