Ella's Kitchen Sweetcorn & Paprika Organic Fingers, 9 mths+ Multipack

Ella's Kitchen Sweetcorn & Paprika Organic Fingers, 9 mths+ Multipack
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Play + learn: From 9 months little ones are learning to pick up flat shapes. Why not get your little one to try dipping and munching these fingers with brightly coloured, tasty dips, like green guacamole or red salsa. Encourage them by calling out the colours as they have fun dipping.Hello, I’m yummy organic sweetcorn + paprika munchy fingers made with rice, maize and chickpeas. I’m perfect finger food for babies to eat plain or dip + spread with yummy flavours, like houmous, cream cheese or salsa. Great for developing hand eye co-ordination at meal times.Who am I for? I’m made for babies from 9 months. I’m just the right size + shape for helping little ones to learn how to hold + eat flat shapes. I am a crunchy munchy texture that will soften slowly in little mouths.I’m…Perfect plainDeeelicious with dip!Suuuper for spreadsGreat on-the-go!Munch, munch, munch!- Just yummy organic finger food for babies- Crunchy + Munchy texture perfect for little ones from 9 + months- No added salt or sugar- I contain naturally occuring sugars- No additives or colouringsMy dad made a promise to me and my brother Paddy that he would only use stuff in our food that is full of goodness. I told him everything also has to taste great and he agreed!Ella xI’m organic, Finger food, Made with super duper chickpeas, Crunchy + munchy, No concentratesFind the recipe and lots more at ellaskitchen.co.uk/recipes.P.S. let’s be friendsSign up at ellaskitchen.co.uk