Emma Hardie Vitamin C Serum

Emma Hardie Vitamin C Serum
Categories: Dairy, Cream
Brand: Emma+Hardie
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  • Reduces pigmentation and redness- Skin brightening- Nourishes and revitalises the skin- Re-balances congested skin- Antioxidant protectionA super-charged, lightweight Vitamin C Serum that helps to brighten the skin and aids in reducing pigmentation and evening the skin tone. Highly stable and time-releasing Vitamin C helps to reduce appearance of pigmentation, skin inflammation and redness. Vitamin B3 deeply hydrates and strengthens the skins barrier function, helping to reduce appearance of age spots and sun damage, whilst Red Algae Extract aids in preventing signs of UV damage and gives a luminous, refined complexion. Vitamin E antioxidant activity leaves skin hydrated, refined and protected from environmental damage.