Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Categories: Dairy, Yoghurts
Brand: Filippo+Berio
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Superior category Olive Oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.This Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a unique rich and fruity flavour and is perfect for dipping, drizzling and marinating, and as a healthy finish to steamed vegetables, baked potatoes and soups.In 1867, Filippo Berio began crafting olive oils worthy of his family and friends, not to mention his name.For salad dressing and flavouringALL NATURAL. SINCE 1867. IDEAL FOR SALAD DRESSINGS AND FLAVOURING. Filippo Berio┬« Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced from the first pressing of the olive and undergoes no other processing before being bottled. With its full flavour, Extra Virgin is perfect as a healthy condiment. Ideal for sauces, marinades and salads. For drizzling on all your favourite dishes. Or dripping with bread. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an absolutely natural product. Filippo Berio extra virgin olive oil comes directly from selected olives, by a simple process of crushing, its unique flavour makes this olive oil ideal for cooking and for salads. Extra virgin olive oil is an important ingredient in the Mediterranean diet. Extra virgin olive oil becomes cloudy in temperature below 45┬░ F. 100% Natural. Lowers cholesterol. High in mono-unsaturated fats. An essential part of the ‘Mediterranean Diet.’ A healthy substitute for butter.