Fuel 10K Chocolate Breakfast Drink

Fuel 10K Chocolate Breakfast Drink
Categories: Dairy, Milk
Brand: Fuel
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Each of our FUEL10K drinks is high in protein, a good source of fibre, vitamin boosted and has no added sugar. In fact, it only contains the same amount of sugar as semi-skimmed milk. Our resealable handy cartons make it easy to FUEL up on the go - wherever and whenever your journey takes you.Get Fuelled and Go for it!When you have something to aim for, something that stretches and tests your metal, something that triggers the endorphins when the seemingly mountainous becomes achievable. That rush, the adrenaline, that overwhelming feeling of… ‘I made it’ - that’s a great feeling. We’ve been there too.We’ve made it our mission to help you on your journey whatever the goal may be. We’re bent on helping make mornings a little bit EASIER for you so you don’t have to think too much while you get sorted for the day and focus on the job at hand. Fuel Your Journey.FUEL Your Journey, High protein, Source of Fibre, Boosted with vits for busy people, Low Fat, No Added SugarOur breakfast drinks are about taste, nutrition and satisfaction all served ready to go to keep you fuelled in the morning.Find us onlineInstagram, Twitter & Facebook: @fuel10k#FuelYourJourney