Fushi Organic Jojoba Oil 100ml

Fushi Organic Jojoba Oil 100ml
Categories: Dairy, Cream
Brand: Fushi+Wellbeing
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Fushi Fresh-Pressed® 100% pure Golden Jojoba oil is suitable for most skin types especially dry skin and is one of the most easily absorbed oils by the skin. Golden Jojoba Oil is rich in vitamin E and is an ideal moisturiser for the skin. It can be used on a daily basis to ensure your skin stays smooth and supple. Due to its rich content of vitamin E and antioxidants, it helps protect and nurture the skin by creating a natural barrier against the elements. It can also be used as a nourishing makeup remove, or for shaving - the liquid wax which is the natural make-up of the Jojoba, makes for an easy shave and protects the skin from razor burn and redness.Why Fushi Oils?- 100% pure, cold-pressed and unrefined- Freshly pressed from this season’s harvest- Naturally sun or air dried ingredients, preserving nutrients & quality- Preservative free- Comes in an earth friendly glass bottle with an aluminium cap