Galbani Italian Ricotta Cheese

Galbani Italian Ricotta Cheese
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Brand: Galbani
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Our classic ricotta is a delicious creamy cheese made from whey. It has a light, fresh taste with a grainy texture. Our ricotta can be eaten both hot and cold as a substitute to cream for sweet and savoury dishes, or can be enjoyed on its own simply spread on bread. Blend fresh basil and spinach with our ricotta and serve in a lasagne for an easy and comforting dinner at home. For proper Italian cheese, it’s got to be Galbani. Not suitable for vegetarians.No 1 in Italia* *Italy’s No1 selling brand of pre-packed cheese.GalbaniĀ® is Italy’s favourite cheesemaker, producing many of Italy’s most loved cheeses since 1882.No 1 in Italia