Garofalo Organic Penne Ziti Rigate Pasta

Garofalo Organic Penne Ziti Rigate Pasta
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Brand: Garofalo
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Premium Italian Dry Pasta.100% Organic Durum Wheat Semolina.From Gragnano near Naples in Italy.High in protein and shaped using a bronze dieSuitable for Vegetarians and VegansItalian pasta maker Garofalo has been making high quality pasta since 1789 in Gragnano, the birthplace of pasta in Italy. Making handcrafted pasta for Garofalo does not mean having out dated machines or producing product by hand, but knowledge, modern technology and a sound philosophy of production. Garofalo carefully control every single aspect of the process until the final result is what they consider the absolute best pasta. Penne makes excellent and versatile pasta for many applications because of the very practical design. The angle cut of the end makes a large surface area for sauce to fall into and be drawn up the tube which means they are great for pairing with thick tomato sauces, meat sauces, chunky vegetable sauces, and thick cream sauces.Organic, Suitable for vegetarians