Good Earth Loose Leaf Tea Creme Earl Grey

Good Earth Loose Leaf Tea Creme Earl Grey
Categories: Dairy, Cream
Brand: Good+Earth
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Discovery is about the willingness & curiosity to experience the unknown. We’ve been exploring the boundaries of convention and discovered something incredible - crème earl grey tea. In this twist on classic black tea our expert blenders have combined citrus bergamot notes with a smooth hint of coconut and cream, intertwined with electric blue cornflower petals. This isn’t your normal brew. Yep, we make naturally delicious and daring drinks, But they’re so much more than the usual cuppa. Like liquid sunshine, that tastes like limitless possibilities, wrapped up in endless bliss. Because when you’re born in 1970s California you’ve got no chance of coming out boring. Every pack packs a punch of playfulness. Every bag gives back to the planet, big time.And every sip stands for standing out from the crowd.Our expertise in tea started in California in the 1970s. Since then we have been driven by an appreciation of quality, natural ingredients and the creation of bold, exciting flavours. All our products are ethical and sustainable every step of the way. Natural ingredients, Bold flavours, Sustainable, Eco friendly packaging, Vegan1% For the PlanetEthical Tea Partnership