Gradz Yeast Free Sourdough Beetroot & Black Cumin Bread

Gradz Yeast Free Sourdough Beetroot & Black Cumin Bread
Categories: Cheese, Feta & Goat
Brand: Gradz+Bakery
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Recipe no 31, Hand crafted, Sourdough Bread with a hint of earthy beetroot flavour combined with black Cumin seeds. Looks amazing with vibrant, purple spots. Tastes delicious just with butter or some goats cheese.Crafted in London by Master Bakers, Suitable for Vegetarians. The Gradz StoryMaster bakers Agnes Gabriel and Romuald Damaz have always been passionate about making healthy, delicious bread. When they discovered a treasure of family recipes hand-written by Agnes’s Grandfather, they were inspired to establish the Gradz (Gabriel Romuald Agnes DamaZ) bakery and share their tradition of continental-style baking with Britain.Each numbered recipe in her Grandfather’s book brought cherished memories and baking ideas to Agnes and Romuald. By adding their knowledge, skill and expertise, the Gradz master bakers have developed traditional bread with today’s tastes and health benefits.They have hand-crafted Gradz bread to share their experiences smelling and tasting warm bread fresh from the family oven. Their wish is for you to enjoy their family heritage of continental-style baking when you take time to savour their authentic bakery products.Crafted in London with love by master bakersAgnes GabrielCo-founderRecipe No31, Hand crafted, Suitable for Vegetarians