Granny Gothards Intense Belgian Chocolate Luxury ice cream

Granny Gothards Intense Belgian Chocolate Luxury ice cream
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Brand: Granny+Gothards
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The richest Belgian Dark Chocolate is melted into our traditional Crème Anglaise ice cream to bring you this silky textured, decadent chocolate ice cream. A deep intense experience, favoured by Chefs across the globe. Our team at Granny Gothards has been hand crafting our traditional ice creams in the heart of the Devon countryside since 2012. As artisan ice cream makers, we only ever use the very finest fresh milk from the first milking, lashings of double Somerset cream and rich Clarence Court egg yolk with other natural ingredients - after all, nature provides the very best of flavours. Absolutely no artificial colourings, flavourings, skimmed milk powder preservatives or added air - our promise to you! Granny Gothards are pioneers in challenging the perception of ice cream and our exquisite collection of over 184 flavours is the ice cream of choice by many leading Chefs. Creativity, quality and passion are the driving force behind all our multi award winning ices and we pride ourselves on a simple, clean and honest ingredient list. We do hope you enjoy!Granny Gothards ice cream