Green People Edelweiss Sun Cream With Tan Accelerator - SPF15

Green People Edelweiss Sun Cream With Tan Accelerator - SPF15
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Brand: Green+People
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This organic SPF15 sun lotion has a naturally derived ingredient which works to speed up your body’s ability to tan. The key active ingredient that works this ‘magic’ is called Inositol, this is a naturally occurring nutrient which is derived from the fruits of the Carob tree and which acts as a stimulant for the formation of melanin. Trials on human volunteers have shown that the speed of tanning increases by 25%, the intensity or depth of suntan increases by over 28%, and when used after obtaining a tan, reduces the tan-fading rate by almost 50%. A SPF15 sun lotions offers 93% protection against UVB rays in comparison a SPF30 lotion only offers 4% more protection!We are proud to present this reef-safe sun lotion in fully recyclable, renewable sugar cane packaging. Farmed on sustainable land, this plant-based packaging is completely carbon-neutral.Directions Pour 30ml sunscreen into your cupped palm then apply to body 30 minutes before exposure to sun then every 2 hours or after swimming.Store in a cool dry place away from direct sun light About Green People Ingredients that we DO NOT use in our products. Green People’s Sun Care is made without SLS, parabens, alcohol (ethyl alcohol/ethanol), lanolin, artificial fragrance, petrochemicals, methylisothiazolinone, methylchloroisothiazolinone, phthalates and colourants to bring you the purest gift that nature can offer. All Green People products are NOT tested on animals. Green People supports the Marine Conservation Society, the UK charity protecting our seas, shores & wildlife.